Keep your house clean


General House Cleaning

No matter the season, a household cleaning is still a long and laborious task, however necessary. For this we offer our elaborated services. Whether following a renovation, relocation, or simply a change of season, our cleaning teams are ready to overcome any challenge. Imperial Cleaning has the tools and the most specialized products to properly clean all surfaces. Whether your furniture, chandeliers or walls with a particular paint, we are sure to have the appropriate product to clean your household. Imperial Cleaning has been around since 1995. It is fundamental, that our quality service surpasses your expectations. That’s why we invite you to join our thousands of satisfied customers.

Walls and Ceilings

The surfaces are first dusted with electrostatic cloths, and then they will be washed with a cleaner-degreaser detergent, with particular attention the dirtiest places, to finally give them a youthful and glowing look.


The floors are washed with a special solution to remove any dirt and bacteria, and then rinsed with an agent that rebalances the pH.


Imperial Cleaning offers three types of window cleaning:

  • Interior washing
  • Exterior washing
  • Interior and exterior washing


We dust all frames, we wash the windows, frames and screens with our famous solution, and then we wipe and dry all windows and screens.